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Thanayut Panyoyai

Painting is like a destination for me. It's something I'm trying to arrive at. It's how I push myself forward. I can show myself and see myself. It helps me understand life and other people around me.

The hardest thing about painting is being in the right frame of mind, making the right preparations before I start. The customer rarely sees any of that but when you look at a good painting you know that a lot of preparation was done. Good health is also important, if the body is sick you can't work. Meditation and concentration are essential.

When I was young, about 9 years old I thought to myself "what is art?" and I couldn't find an answer. I only knew what looked beautiful and what didn't. I did a lot of paintings and drawings as a kid and people told me they were good. That's where it all started. I still don't have an answer to "what is art?" but I'm getting closer. For me good painting is about 3 things. The elements, what is included in the work. Anything unnecessary to the painting should be taken out. Next the composition, how those elements are arranged on the canvas. And then the colours, a good use of colour will make a painting sing.